A Bit of a Departure (For Me)

I look down and I realize I am cut diagonally in half. 

My left arm is somewhere else and my legs are gone. Blackened denim and blood mushed flesh. Sandwich meat. My brain is too confused and soaked in adrenaline to fathom the pain. Smoke and fire. Air is sucked from me. That last drink of vodka. That womans’ head is ripped clean off by the pressure. God. Another hot blast. I can feel my face melt slightly. What’s left of me? Burnt hair. Mom’s laughter. I want to go home. Something. Gives way. And I’m out. 

Close my eyes. I know I’m falling. Why do I know I’m falling? 


Open them. 

Earth sky smoke. Earth sky blood. Earth sky and finally….

I can’t tell you what happens next as I’ve already left.




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